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UC Santa Cruz College Republicans meeting disrupted by leftist protesters, three arrested 
Leftist protesters interrupted a College Republicans meeting Sunday night in the library at the University of California, Santa Cruz, calling members “fascists,” “racists” and “white supremacists” during a lengthy demonstration that ended in ...

Dolphin diets show how climate change could alter food chains off the California coast 
Scientists studying dolphins dining off the California coastline have found that the marine food web is starting to look a little threadbare. The length of food chains in that web appears to have gotten shorter in response to environmental changes — such ...

Chief of staff John Kelly offers emotional take on fallen soldier controversy 
White House Chief of Staff John Kelly painted an emotional narrative of the outreach made in the aftermath of a U.S. service member's death during Thursday's White House press briefing, a description that came on a week in which President Donald Trump ...

‘Trump trade has been reignited’ — analysts on what the Senate budget vote means for investors 
Investors waiting for a sign that U.S. tax reform isn’t dead — viewed by many a must-have for the long-running bull market — may be pretty happy upon waking up Friday. In a late-night vote Thursday, the Republican-dominated Senate narrowly approved a ...

CIA Backs Off Director's Claim That Russian Meddling Didn't Swing Election 
The CIA on Thursday was forced to walk back an assertion by Director Mike Pompeo, who incorrectly said that U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian efforts to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election were unsuccessful.

GE Sinks as Deeper Slump Forces New CEO to Slash Profit Outlook 
General Electric Co. slashed its 2017 profit forecast as its new boss grapples with one of the deepest slumps in the beleaguered manufacturer’s history. The revision underscores the severity of the challenges facing Chief Executive Officer John Flannery ...

MGM Resorts says it won't rent out Mandalay Bay suite Las Vegas shooter used 
LAS VEGAS --The Las Vegas resort from which a gunman unleashed the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history has been ordered to preserve photos, surveillance video and gambling records of the shooter and notes by investigators. A Clark County ...

Deutsche Bank Ruling May Lead to Millions for Postbank Investors 
Deutsche Bank AG was ordered to pay 14 Postbank shareholders a total of 48 million euros ($57 million) in a ruling that could lead to millions more in compensation for investors who argued the lender short-changed them in a 2010 takeover. The court in ...

Short on staff: Nursing crisis strains U.S. hospitals 
MORGANTOWN, West Virginia (Reuters) - A shortage of nurses at U.S. hospitals hit West Virginia’s Charleston Area Medical Center at the worst possible time. The non-profit healthcare system is one of the state’s largest employers and sits in the heart ...

Members of Congress demand answers in deadly Niger ambush 
Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis says the mission in Niger that killed four U.S. Army sergeants is still under investigation. Jeremiah Johnson, Bryan Black, Dustin Wright and La David Johnson were not expecting enemy contact when they were ambushed earlier ...

Defending Trump, Gen. Kelly Opens His Heart About Death of Son 
WASHINGTON — In heartfelt remarks about his own loss, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, a former general whose Marine son was killed in Afghanistan, said Thursday he was "stunned" by a Florida lawmaker's criticism of President Donald Trump's ...

In stunning attack, George W. Bush rebukes Trump, suggesting he promotes falsehoods and prejudice 
In an extraordinary — albeit veiled — attack, former President George W. Bush delivered a scathing assessment Thursday of President Trump and his policies, suggesting he has promoted bigotry and falsehoods to the detriment of the country and its values.

Challenge to California's prostitution ban may proceed, judges rule 
A three-judge panel of 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco said the plaintiffs' legal challenge against the ban may proceed. The plaintiffs say the current law violates the right to engage in consensual sex, as described in a 2003 U.S ...

Substitute teacher in Texas allegedly duct-taped mouths of 10 elementary school students, school district says 
A substitute teacher has been banned from the campus of an elementary school in Killeen, Texas, after she allegedly placed duct tape over the mouths of 10 students, according to the school district. The teacher was substituting a fifth-grade class at ...

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