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New White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci 'deleting old tweets' 
Anthony Scaramucci, the newest member of the Trump administration, took to Twitter Saturday to say he’s deleting some old tweets that “shouldn’t be a distraction.” Full transparency: I'm deleting old tweets. Past views evolved & shouldn't be a ...

Police Pursuing Charges Against Florida Teens Who Filmed Drowning Man 
Central Florida police say they are working to recommend charges be brought against the five teenagers who mockingly filmed a man drowning in a pond earlier this month and did nothing to save him. The Cocoa Police Department's announcement Friday on ...

GOP, Dems agree on sweeping sanctions bill -- including provision Trump opposed 
Congressional Republicans and Democrats announced Saturday that they had agreed to a package of sanctions meant to punish Russia for its actions during last year's presidential campaign, as well as Moscow's military adventures in Ukraine and Syria.

Major California Wildfire Slows as Residents Try to Recover 
FRESNO, Calif. — A chimney and a cinder block wall is all that's left standing among rubble that was a house Miki Crawford and her family called home for 22 years, after a wildfire raced through her rural California community, the former nurses' aide said.

New York restaurant has one-drink limit policy for customers with kids 
A restaurant in New York has a very strict policy about drinking and driving. Peddlers Bar and Bistro in Clifton Park, NY, said they have a one limit drink rule enforced to customers that are driving with a child or children in the car after dining at the ...

House, Senate reach deal on Russia sanctions, will vote Tuesday 
The Senate and Capitol Dome are seen on Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, June 26, 2017. Last Updated Jul 22, 2017 12:13 PM EDT Negotiators from the House and Senate have come to an agreement on Russia sanctions after securing overwhelming support in the ...

In midst of Russia probe, NSA chief vows: 'I will not violate' my oath to Americans 
In unusually passionate and stark terms, the head of the nation’s top spy agency made clear on Saturday in Colorado that he will stand up to anyone -- even the president of the United States -- who asks him to use the U.S. intelligence community as a ...

Everything President Trump has tweeted (and what it was about) 
His tweets have the power to shape international relations, send stock prices up — or down — and galvanize the American public. We're watching how Donald Trump is using this platform of unfettered communication now that he’s commander in chief.

Report: Russian Ambassador Said He Discussed Trump Campaign With Jeff Sessions 
U.S. intelligence agencies intercepted a conversation in which Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak claimed he had discussed President Donald Trump’s campaign and policy positions with then-Sen. Jeff Sessions during the 2016 election campaign, The ...

Inmate found dead in Orange County cell; death is latest incident to roil jail system 
The Orange County district attorney’s office is investigating the jailhouse death of a 27-year-old man convicted of car theft who was sharing a cell with a man charged with two murders. In the latest incident to roil the county’s jail system, Danny ...

3 poisoned by carbon monoxide while trapped in Delaware building 
GREENVILLE, Del. — Three people are believed to be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning after they were trapped in a building in Delaware, Saturday, officials said. Around 8:45 a.m., Cranston Heights Fire Company responded to a call from a Greenville ...

Dog revived with oxygen after rescue from burning house gets visit from hero firefighter 
The fire chief of Bakersfield, Calif., is stepping up personally to report on the improved condition of a patient that firefighters rescued from a burning home and brought back to life using an oxygen mask: Jack, a white-haired pooch. In a video posted to ...

Ex-Escort Dalia Dippolito Gets 16 Years for Trying to Have Husband Killed 
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A former Florida escort convicted of trying to hire a hit man to murder her newlywed husband was sentenced Friday to 16 years in prison, perhaps ending a drawn-out case that drew notice for its startling videos and salacious ...

Colorado man arrested in 2012 killing of 13-year-old son 
A Colorado man has been arrested and accused of second-degree murder in the death of his 13-year-old son, who disappeared during a court-ordered visit in November 2012. Mark Redwine was arrested in Bellingham, Wash. Saturday after he was indicted by a ...

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